Software Product Lines - Lessons Learned

David Woodward

Head of Software Product Lines and Capability UK, MBDA

MBDA Software Engineering has been at the forefront of weapon system software development for nearly 50 years. As the defence sector becomes more competitive we must look to evolve our modularity and reuse strategy to reduce the time to market of our products whist maintaining the key characteristics of weapons such as safety, security, reliability and performance. The benefits that product lines bring in terms of on time, on cost, and on quality delivery are well understood, and have been realised successfully in other sectors. In this session we’ll explore the challenges of product line evolution in the weapon system software sector and the constraints of delivering re-useable assets in a high integrity context.

About David Woodward

Dave Woodward is Head of Software Product Lines and Capability UK in MBDA, the primary responsibilities in this role are to improve capability and competitiveness of software engineering.

Involved in diverse weapon system software developments over the last 25 years. In the late ’90s concentrating on real time applications in missiles; using some of the proprietary design methodologies developed for the defence industry; more recently part of the team delivering the Sea Ceptor and Land Ceptor family of products; cumulating in successful delivery and deployment of the Land Ceptor Launcher into the Sky Saber system in 2020. Have a passion for delivering software and improving our capability as we continuously evolve our understanding of technology and mature our product line catalogue and our approaches.

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