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High Integrity Software 2020 Virtual Event — November 9, 2021

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High Integrity Software: Assuring security and safety for critical software applications

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Software must be trustworthy when its quality and dependability impact the operations and processes of any critical application, system, or mission using it. It has to balance reliability and security with innovation and efficiency. Software vulnerabilities can cause physical danger, introduce new or increased costs, and bring additional risks around regulatory delays, mission failure, reputational damage, impact on share price, litigation or corporate liability. There is no tolerance for failure.

The HIS 2021 conference will focus on cyber safety for embedded systems (ie. the confluence of safety and security), and how innovations in testing and the application of formal methods can help to achieve those objectives. Talks will address themes including the state of the art in software testing, using fuzz testing in a civil avionics security certification context (DO-326A), and applying innovative techniques such as formal methods to achieve cyber security.

This year, the conference will feature a keynote talk about the work of the National Cyber Security Centre in the domain of embedded and critical systems.

The HIS 2021 virtual format
While we would love to get back to meeting face-to-face, nobody has a clear view of what life will be like in November so instead we have invested in a customised virtual event platform.

Hopin will provide an engaging environment for the 2021 conference; hosting the live talks, Q+A and networking areas as well as allowing attendees to make new connections through chat and video messaging. The platform will also feature an innovation showcase from our industry partners.

If you have any questions around the event or the platform please get in touch on

The mission of the High Integrity Software conference is to share challenges, best practice and experience between software engineering practitioners. The conference features talks from industrial and academic specialists which disseminate experience and knowledge of important techniques and methods that are applicable across industry sectors.

We are entering an age of digital dependency, where more and more aspects of our everyday lives will rely on the correct function of software-intensive electronic systems.

These systems may be tangible, at-hand, embedded systems, but more frequently are remote and highly distributed, relying on multiple layers of communication and infrastructure for correct operation. We expect these systems to deliver ever-more complex functionality on demand, and need to be able to trust this functionality to be delivered with appropriate levels of safety and security.

The need for trustworthy software – software that does exactly what it is intended to do – is well-established in certain sectors such as defence, aerospace, and transportation, along with a mature approach to its design and assurance. But the increased use of software in more and more domains – embedded, connected, consumer and infrastructure systems – means that similar approaches are needed across a broader range of industries.

In addition there are disruptive technological influences which mean that traditional approaches to verification and assurance in the established industries will no longer remain applicable or sufficient.

The aim of the High Integrity Software conference is to share the experience and know-how that will address these challenges within our industry and help to build the foundations of a trustworthy software ecosystem for the future.

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