Securing Safety Critical Systems

Robert Oates

Global Software Capability Team Lead, Rolls-Royce

Ensuring that products are adequately secure from cyber-attack is a challenging engineering discipline in the face of more capable adversaries and new, highly-interconnected technologies. It is additionally challenging when the product being secured is safety-critical. This talk reviews some of the challenges and proposes a number of solutions to tackling the complex interactions between these disciplines.

About Robert Oates

Dr Robert Oates is the Global Capability Team Lead within Rolls-Royce's Control Systems organisation. His technical speciality is Product Cyber Security, with a particular interest in engineering systems to be both safe and secure. He leads the cyber security activities for Rolls-Royce's Ship Intelligence programmes, responsible for ensuring that remotely operated and autonomous ships are both actually and demonstrably secure. He holds a Masters Degree in Applied Computer Science and Cybernetics from the University of Reading and a Doctorate in Robotics and Security from the University of Nottingham.

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