Rust and the coming age of high integrity languages

Florian Gilcher

Managing Director, Ferrous Systems GmbH

Rust is undeniably successful. In just over 7 year, it moved from a newly released language to one that is considered as a language for high integrity systems. This success did not happen in isolation - Rusts success is deeply rooted in a number of contributing environmental factors.

In this talk, I’d like to make the case why Rust success is due to a general ground shift in software development. What we are seeing is a resurging interest in software practices that were usually part of safety-critical environments being applied to non-safety related, mission-critical environments. On the other side, we are seeing the worlds of safety and security merging.

I’d like to take a step back and talk about coming opportunities, changes and chances not only for Rust, but also for other languages and products.

About Florian Gilcher

Florian Gilcher is one of the co-founders and Managing Director of Ferrous Systems. Ferrous Systems was formed in 2018 with the mission of helping companies adopt Rust. He is involved in Rust since 2013, co-founded the Rust Foundation and was a Rust core team representative to its until the end of 2021.His current driving motiviation is closing the leftover gaps in Rust adoption, currently to the industries of highest assurances, for example automotive and aerospace. For that, he’s currently leading the Ferrocene project - the qualification of the Rust compiler to highest assurances.

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