Lightning Talks

The following companies will be giving 5 minute lightning talks during the lunch break. The lightning talk session will start at 12:25 and end at 1:10, and will follow the below running order:

- 'MPU or MMU: Constrained or Restrained?' by Julian Day, Senior Field Applications Engineer at Green Hills Software Ltd

- 'Mission-critical and Safety-critical Runtime Platforms for Intelligent Systems' by Paul Parkinson, Field Engineering Director, Aerospace & Defence at Wind River

- 'Best-in-Class Dependability and Support, Now for Rust' by Jose Ruiz, GNAT Pro Embedded Product Manager at AdaCore

- 'SafeCap formal verification of high-integrity systems' by Dominic Taylor, Technical Head of Systems and Signalling at Systra Scott Lister

- 'Developing Safety Critical Software 50% faster' by Dave Upton, Senior Product Manager at Ansys

-  'The Rise of Drones: How 10 years of Innovation has Fuelled the Expansion of UAVs' by Neil White, CTO at Capgemini

- 'An automotive (ISO 21434) cyber security assessment, applying the TARA process to an out of context, safety critical, software component' by Stephen Ridley, Engineering Manager at Wittenstein

- 'The Lifesaver Blueprint: A Testing Plan for Safety-Critical Software' by Adam Mackay, International Sales Manager at QA Systems

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