Industrial Control System Cyber-Security and Innovation

Adam Wedgbury

Cyber Innovation Team Leader, Airbus

The protection of large, complex and interconnected manufacturing Industrial Control Systems against a constantly evolving landscape of diverse threat actors requires a particular set of technical skills and organisational culture. This challenge faces polarised pressures from both a large legacy problem and the move to interconnected, data-driven and IIOT-based future factories. Large organisations often maintain a bespoke infrastructure of control systems, with a unique architecture, organisational structure and set of security challenges that are often impossible to address with off-the-shelf solutions. A strong innovation capability can help plug these gaps with novel technologies, services, knowledge and expertise, but cyber security innovation and technology transfer in a non-cyber company is difficult. Successfully overcoming this hurdle can see leading edge solutions go from idea, to prototype, to at-scale deployment quickly and effectively.

About Adam Wedgbury

Adam Wedgbury is the Lead for Airbus’ Global Cyber Security Innovation and Scouting team, responsible for research and maturation of state of the art cyber security solutions in support of Airbus and its business divisions. Starting his career in the defence domain, Adam has a breadth of experience across the cyber security industry, ranging from enterprise and embedded system security to industrial control and safety critical systems. Active in the cyber security research community, Adam has been lead author on a number of peer reviewed and published papers within the domain, with research interests in the protection of industrial control and SCADA systems, particularly applying protection to legacy environments. Adam is actively contributing to the state of the art in the field with his research, whilst also undertaking rapid prototyping projects and integrating the outputs with the business. He is a recognised IET Cyber Security Expert and accredited as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

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