How should we build that? Evolving a development environment that's suitable for constructing today's systems

Neil White

Head of Engineering, Altran UK

We are building ever more complex systems, and demanding of them ever higher standards of reliability, functionality, and safety. The development environment for the successful project you just delivered almost certainly needs enhancing for your next project. Maybe your team needs to use new tools, new methodologies, new architectural patterns, new process, or just a new language. You can analyse past projects, and research other people's work, but how do you choose what enhancements to make? And how do you deploy new process or tooling in an industrial context where time-to-market, margin, and success are everything? This talk will look at the key drivers behind the successful adoption of any new process or tool - from a small incremental update to a major shift in development philosophy. Along the way we will look at some real-world successes, and face up to a few challenges.

About Neil White

Neil White is the Head of Engineering for Altran UK. He has worked in the area of bespoke safety-critical software for over 15 years. In that time he has delivered signature projects into a variety of markets, including Air Traffic Control, Aerospace, Defence, and Finance. His projects have included the first deployments to new regulatory standards, and the industrial introduction of new technologies. He is currently interested in the sustainable evolution required to keep hi-tec companies at the forefront of their markets.

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