Delivering quality, time after time

Jonathan Pallant

Principal Embedded Systems Engineer, Cambridge Consultants

In the technology business for nearly 60 years, Cambridge Consultants produce software for their clients on around 300 different projects every year. The right kind of process is critical to producing software at this scale – one designed to avoid that 'long tail' of bug fixing that so often affects software projects. It cannot be static either; as technologies tools and expectations adapt and change, so too must your software process. In this talk, Jonathan Pallant walks through an example of a 'typical' project to illustrate the various tools, processes and techniques that help Cambridge Consultants deliver quality embedded software, time after time. The talk will tie together topics such as continuous integration, automated testing, use of virtual machines for development, semantic versioning, code templates, static analysis, and the use of new systems languages such as Rust.

About Jonathan Pallant

Jonathan Pallant is a Principal Embedded Systems Engineer within the Wireless and Digital Services Division of Cambridge Consultants. Jonathan gained a First in Computer Systems Engineering (MEng) from the University of Warwick in 2004 and then spent five years at HMGCC in Buckinghamshire. At Cambridge Consultants for over eight years, Jonathan works on projects ranging from 8-bit micros to 'five-9s' availability telecoms software on ATCA blade chassis, and everything in between. He is a core developer and architect for Cambridge Consultants' own in-house CI system (which we started in 2010) and takes an active role in setting their software quality and product development processes.

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