Functional Safety and Cyber Security Considerations in Tomorrow’s Automotive Software Architectures

Stephen Waldron

Local Product Line Manager Embedded Software, Vector GB Ltd

The modern-day car is probably undergoing the most accelerated evolution in its 130-year history. Many of the different vehicle E&E systems are becoming more “connected”, increasing the potential number of attack surfaces. Furthermore, with the rapid development of Driver-Assistance (or even Autonomous) features, even more electronic control of the vehicle systems is possible.

When we look at the embedded software in particular; the quantity and complexity of the code driving these features is growing exponentially. The combination of all these factors brings a marked increase in the functional safety considerations, as well as the associated security risks.

This presentation will explain how the latest AUTOSAR security mechanisms are adapting to meet today’s rapidly evolving needs and how state-of-the-art ECU projects are deploying AUTOSAR “Secure On-board Communication” (SecOC). We will also take a glimpse into the future Adaptive AUTOSAR technology and how the software functional safety mechanisms have to move from “fail-safe” to “fail-operational” to enable the autonomous driving features of tomorrow.

About Stephen Waldron

Steve Waldron is Local Product Line Manager at Vector GB, responsible for Vector’s embedded software products and services within the UK and ROI. Following his graduation in 2004, Steve began his career writing software tools and low-level device drivers at two semiconductor manufacturers. In 2008, Steve moved to an off-highway OEM to write transmission control applications and improve development processes, where he ended up leading the software team. Steve holds Masters Degrees in Digital Systems Engineering and Reliable Embedded Systems, is a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. He has a passion for good-quality embedded software and pertinent industry standards, such as AUTOSAR and ISO 26262.

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