An Insight into MISRA-C

Dave Banham

Software System Specialist, Rolls-Royce

"An Insight into MISRA-C 2012" provides an understanding of what MISRA-C 2012 provides to critical systems software development with the C programming language. It begins with a brief review of the origins of C and why some consider it to be a poor choice for critical systems. The reasons why others consider it the only viable choice to make are then touched upon. Making C safer then becomes the subject of the talk and this forms the backdrop to the purpose of the MISRA C guidelines. Finally, we explore what it takes to claim MISRA C 2012 compliance.

The talk should be of interest to both C and non-C developers with an interest in software coding standards. The talk does not cover the technicalities of any of the MISRA C guidelines. Consequentially, no knowledge of the C programming language is required beyond a general programming background.

About Dave Banham

Dave Banham is a member of the Software Centre of Excellence at Rolls-Royce with interests in dependable software intensive systems, system engineering, and system and software architecture. He can be contacted at

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