An applicant’s guide to DO-178C

Duncan Brown

Rolls-Royce Engineering Fellow – Safety-Critical Software, Controls and Data Services

DO-178C and its associated “suite” of documents has been available to buy since the beginning of 2012 and recognised as an acceptable means of compliance for the development of certified aviation systems since the middle of 2013. Between the core document, its three technology supplements and the new tool qualification document there are a large number of perceivable combinations of approaches available to an applicant. The aim of this talk is to explain what the vision was for how these documents should be used together to make a credible case for certification and what the areas of overlap are to beware of.

About Duncan Brown

Duncan Brown is an Engineering Fellow at Rolls-Royce in Safety Critical Software. He holds a BSc in Computer Systems and Microelectronics from Queen Mary University, London. Duncan is also a Fellow of the BCS, a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered IT Professional and a Senior Member of the Association for Computer Machinery. He has over 25 years’ experience in safety critical software development. He served as the European Formal Methods chair on EUROCAE WG-71/SC-205 producing ED-12C/DO-178C and its associated documents. Prior to that he served on EUROCAE WG-52/SC-190 producing ED-94B/DO-248B and ED-109/DO-278. His current role is in developing systems and software capability within Rolls-Royce for control and data systems.

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