Advances in Practical Techniques for Critical Software Development

Neil White

Head of Engineering, Intelligent Systems Division, Altran UK

The demands on critical software development continue to multiply, requiring us to deliver ever-more sophisticated functionality and performance against a changing background that includes - not least - an evolving threat landscape and regulatory framework. To keep pace with these demands, continuous innovation of our software process has been necessary, introducing novel techniques and tools across the software lifecycle but which have, over time, developed a strong industrial track record.

System testing is one phase of the lifecycle which has been, relatively speaking, ignored but which holds a significant potential for process improvement as it is the common "meeting point" of all lifecycles. This talk will demonstrate how a novel approach to system testing offers the potential to improve efficiency without compromising the integrity of established processes.

About Neil White

Neil White is the Head of Engineering for Altran UK. He has worked in the area of bespoke safety-critical software for over 15 years. In that time he has delivered signature projects into a variety of markets, including Air Traffic Control, Aerospace, Defence, and Finance. His projects have included the first deployments to new regulatory standards, and the industrial introduction of new technologies. He is currently interested in the sustainable evolution required to keep high-tech companies at the forefront of their markets.

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