HIS 2019: From the IoT to Co-operative Intelligent Systems

Posted on March 22, 2019

Recent years have seen a revolution in connected consumer devices dubbed the “Internet of Things” (IoT): you can remotely monitor your dog, turn on your heating, open your front door, and even find out that the rat trap underneath your floor has captured a present for you when you get home. Powered by commercial pressures, the IoT has moved rapidly ahead in spite of concerns about standards of reliability, security and safety.

 Whilst the concepts of distributed systems and remote operation are not so new in the high-integrity software sector, we face significant technological challenges as an industry if we are to deliver the next generation of intelligent systems. Traditionally, our industry has a good track record of delivering safe, high-integrity systems; the challenge now is to maintain these levels of assurance whilst rising to the multi-dimensional demands of increasingly complex systems which at the same time need to be adaptive and mobile, with a consequent need for increased security.

This year’s HIS conference will look in more detail at these challenges and potential cross-sector solutions, that will enable our industry to deliver not just a network of “Things” but an assured ecosystem of co-operative intelligent systems in domains including aerospace, defence, rail, automotive, and industrial control systems.

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