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Verified Trustworthy Software Systems

Prof Philippa Gardner

Department of Computing, Imperial College London

About Prof Philippa Gardner

Philippa Gardner is a professor in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London and has a UK Research and Innovation Established Fellowship from 2018-2023. Her research focusses on program specification and verification. In particular, her group is credited with bringing logical abstraction and logical atomicity to modern concurrent separation logics, and is currently developing the Gillian platform for building symbolic analysis tools for real-world programming languages such as C and JavaScript, which unifies classical symbolic execution, semi-automatic verification based on separation logic, and automatic compositional testing based on bi-abduction. Gardner completed her PhD thesis, supervised by Professor Gordon Plotkin FRS at Edinburgh in 1992 and held five years of fellowships at Edinburgh. She moved to Cambridge in 1998 on an EPSRC Advanced Fellowship, hosted by Professor Robin Milner FRS. She obtained a lectureship at Imperial in 2001, and became professor in 2009. She held a Microsoft Research Cambridge/Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Fellowship at Imperial, 2005-2009. Philippa directs the Research Institute on Verified Trustworthy Software Systems (VeTSS), funded by EPSRC and NCSC, 2017-2022. She is an organiser of the Isaac Newton Institute six-week summer programme on `Verified Software’, 2021. In 2020 she was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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